The wish of Zaláns dad

The wish of Zaláns dad

Last night, I resuscitated a man. It was his birthday, and he received a chance, a new chance to live!


For 19 years, I’ve been saving lives, working for the Hungarian National Ambulance Services. I help the young, the elderly, the injured stuck in car wrecks. There are times I get hurt during service myself, but most of the time I don’t even realise that I banged my head or got cut by broken glass. I go, because I’m needed! I save those that can be saved, and I mourn those that I can’t help.


In ordinary times, I have a second steady job apart from the Ambulance Services, and I take on any temporary work that can bring in extra income.

Zalán is my youngest child. The apple of my (single) eye. I only have one eye, you see: the other one had to be taken out when I was 2,5 years old, because of cancer. I have no memory of it. But I do have one remaining, seeing eye!

If someone would hand me the enormous sum of money we need to save my son’s vision (approximately £68.000), even if I’d have to work for that person for the rest of my life, I would pay back every last penny, I swear I would!


I’m there in the rain, the snow, the frost or the 40 °C heat and I climb into the car wreck beside you to save your life, to help you!


When I receive my son’s medical bills full of drugs like morphine and other strong medications only trained medical professionals with special licence can prescribe, my heart sinks. This is my child, my boy I was so desperately hoping for, after my two wonderful girls! And I got my wish, but at what price? His entire life is a struggle!


And our family fights with him, I fight with him!


The mistakes I’ve made, I regretted them and tried to make them right. My father is fighting for his life in a Hungarian hospital, and my mother and mother-in-law are the only people making it possible for me to be able to continue working, by looking after my daughters for me, while my wife is in Switzerland with my son, who is undergoing cancer treatment, the very last chance to save his remaining vision in his left eye (since he lost his eyesight to cancer in his right eye years ago).


I’m there always, whenever you call. Night or day. Weekday, weekend, even at Christmas. You can count on me. Call, and I will come!


Can I count on you? Are you here for me to help me save my son’s eyesight?


I’m so grateful for even the smallest donation! If you can be there for me, here’s how you can support Zalán’s treatment:


By donating to our foundation:

Lépéselőnyben Zalán Egészségéért Alapítvány


OTP Bank



Transfers from abroad:

IBAN: HU17 1173 7007 2372 5209 0000 0000





Tax number: 19235925-1-08



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